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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2006-2008 (ita)
# Ralf Habacker, 2006 (rh)

"ar and ranlib"

import os, sys
import Task, Utils
from Configure import conftest

ar_str = '${AR} ${ARFLAGS} ${AR_TGT_F}${TGT} ${AR_SRC_F}${SRC}'
cls = Task.simple_task_type('static_link', ar_str, color='YELLOW', ext_in='.o', shell=False)
cls.maxjobs = 1
cls.install = Utils.nada

# remove the output in case it already exists
old = cls.run
def wrap(self):
      try: os.remove(self.outputs[0].abspath(self.env))
      except OSError: pass
      return old(self)
setattr(cls, 'run', wrap)

def detect(conf):
      conf.find_program('ar', var='AR')
      conf.find_program('ranlib', var='RANLIB')
      conf.env.ARFLAGS = 'rcs'

def find_ar(conf):
      v = conf.env
      if not v['AR']: conf.fatal('ar is required for static libraries - not found')

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