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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Matthias Jahn jahn dôt matthias ât freenet dôt de, 2007 (pmarat)

import os, sys, imp, types, ccroot
import optparse
import Utils, Configure, Options
from Logs import debug

c_compiler = {
      'win32':  ['msvc', 'gcc'],
      'cygwin': ['gcc'],
      'darwin': ['gcc'],
      'aix5':   ['gcc'],
      'linux':  ['gcc', 'icc', 'suncc'],
      'sunos':  ['gcc', 'suncc'],
      'irix':   ['gcc'],
      'hpux':   ['gcc'],
      'default': ['gcc']

def __list_possible_compiler(platform):
            return c_compiler[platform]
      except KeyError:
            return c_compiler["default"]

def detect(conf):
      for each compiler for the platform, try to configure the compiler
      in theory the tools should raise a configuration error if the compiler
      pretends to be something it is not (setting CC=icc and trying to configure gcc)
      try: test_for_compiler = Options.options.check_c_compiler
      except AttributeError: conf.fatal("Add set_options(opt): opt.tool_options('compiler_cc')")
      for compiler in test_for_compiler.split():
            except Configure.ConfigurationError, e:
                  debug('compiler_cc: %r' % e)
                  if conf.env['CC']:
                        conf.check_message(compiler, '', True)
                        conf.env['COMPILER_CC'] = compiler
                  conf.check_message(compiler, '', False)

def set_options(opt):
      build_platform = Utils.unversioned_sys_platform()
      possible_compiler_list = __list_possible_compiler(build_platform)
      test_for_compiler = ' '.join(possible_compiler_list)
      cc_compiler_opts = opt.add_option_group("C Compiler Options")
      cc_compiler_opts.add_option('--check-c-compiler', default="%s" % test_for_compiler,
            help='On this platform (%s) the following C-Compiler will be checked by default: "%s"' % (build_platform, test_for_compiler),

      for c_compiler in test_for_compiler.split():
            opt.tool_options('%s' % c_compiler, option_group=cc_compiler_opts)

      """opt.add_option('-d', '--debug-level',
      action = 'store',
      default = ccroot.DEBUG_LEVELS.RELEASE,
      help = "Specify the debug level, does nothing if CFLAGS is set in the environment. [Allowed Values: '%s']" % "', '".join(ccroot.DEBUG_LEVELS.ALL),
      choices = ccroot.DEBUG_LEVELS.ALL,
      dest = 'debug_level')"""

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