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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2005 (ita)

"Base for c++ programs and libraries"

import TaskGen, Task, Utils
from Logs import debug
import ccroot # <- do not remove
from TaskGen import feature, before, extension, after

g_cxx_flag_vars = [
"main cpp variables"

EXT_CXX = ['.cpp', '.cc', '.cxx', '.C', '.c++']

g_cxx_type_vars=['CXXFLAGS', 'LINKFLAGS']

# TODO remove in waf 1.6
class cxx_taskgen(ccroot.ccroot_abstract):

def init_cxx(self):
      if not 'cc' in self.features:
            self.mappings['.c'] = TaskGen.task_gen.mappings['.cxx']

      self.p_flag_vars = set(self.p_flag_vars).union(g_cxx_flag_vars)
      self.p_type_vars = set(self.p_type_vars).union(g_cxx_type_vars)

      if not self.env['CXX_NAME']:
            raise Utils.WafError("At least one compiler (g++, ..) must be selected")

def apply_obj_vars_cxx(self):
      """after apply_incpaths for INC_PATHS"""
      env = self.env
      app = env.append_unique
      cxxpath_st = env['CPPPATH_ST']

      # local flags come first
      # set the user-defined includes paths
      for i in env['INC_PATHS']:
            app('_CXXINCFLAGS', cxxpath_st % i.bldpath(env))
            app('_CXXINCFLAGS', cxxpath_st % i.srcpath(env))

      # set the library include paths
      for i in env['CPPPATH']:
            app('_CXXINCFLAGS', cxxpath_st % i)

def apply_defines_cxx(self):
      """after uselib is set for CXXDEFINES"""
      self.defines = getattr(self, 'defines', [])
      lst = self.to_list(self.defines) + self.to_list(self.env['CXXDEFINES'])
      milst = []

      # now process the local defines
      for defi in lst:
            if not defi in milst:

      libs = self.to_list(self.uselib)
      for l in libs:
            val = self.env['CXXDEFINES_'+l]
            if val: milst += self.to_list(val)

      self.env['DEFLINES'] = ["%s %s" % (x[0], Utils.trimquotes('='.join(x[1:]))) for x in [y.split('=') for y in milst]]
      y = self.env['CXXDEFINES_ST']
      self.env['_CXXDEFFLAGS'] = [y%x for x in milst]

def cxx_hook(self, node):
      # create the compilation task: cpp or cc
      if getattr(self, 'obj_ext', None):
            obj_ext = self.obj_ext
            obj_ext = '_%d.o' % self.idx

      task = self.create_task('cxx', node, node.change_ext(obj_ext))
      except AttributeError:
            raise Utils.WafError('Have you forgotten to set the feature "cxx" on %s?' % str(self))
      return task

cls = Task.simple_task_type('cxx', cxx_str, color='GREEN', ext_out='.o', ext_in='.cxx', shell=False)
cls.scan = ccroot.scan

link_str = '${LINK_CXX} ${CXXLNK_SRC_F}${SRC} ${CXXLNK_TGT_F}${TGT[0].abspath(env)} ${LINKFLAGS}'
cls = Task.simple_task_type('cxx_link', link_str, color='YELLOW', ext_in='.o', ext_out='.bin', shell=False)
cls.maxjobs = 1
cls.install = Utils.nada

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