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#! /usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Peter Soetens, 2006

"docbook processing (may be broken)"

import os, string, re
import TaskGen, Utils, Build, Task
from Logs import debug

xslt_vardeps = ['XSLTPROC', 'XSLTPROC_ST']

# Create .fo or .html from xml file
def xslt_build(task):
      bdir = task.inputs[0].bld_dir(task.env)
      src = task.inputs[0].bldpath(task.env)
      srcdir = os.path.dirname(task.inputs[0].bldpath(task.env))
      tgt = os.path.join(bdir, task.outputs[0].name)
      stylesheet = os.path.join(srcdir,task.env['XSLT_SHEET'])

      task.env['TGT'] = tgt
      task.env['SRC'] = src
      task.env['STYLESHEET'] = stylesheet

      cmd = task.env['XSLTPROC_ST'] % task.env
      return task.generator.bld.exec_command(cmd)

re_xi = re.compile('''<xi:include[^>]+href=['"]([^'">]+)['"][^>]+>''', re.M)
def xmlscan(self):
      p = self.inputs[0].parent
      node_lst = [self.inputs[0]]
      seen = []
      depnodes = []
      while node_lst:
            nd = node_lst.pop(0)
            if nd.id in seen: continue

            code = nd.read(self.env)
            for m in re_xi.finditer(code):
                  name = m.group(1)
                  k = p.find_resource(name)
                  if k: depnodes.append(k)
      return [depnodes, ()]

# Create various file formats from a docbook or sgml file.
db2_vardeps = ['DB2','DB2HTML', 'DB2PDF', 'DB2TXT', 'DB2PS']
def db2_build(task):
      bdir = task.inputs[0].bld_dir(task.env)
      src = task.inputs[0].bldpath(task.env)
      cmd = task.compiler % (bdir, src)
      return Utils.exec_command(cmd)

xslt_vardeps = ['XSLTPROC']

## Given a 'docbook' object and a node to build,
# create the tasks to build the node's target.
def docb_file(obj, node):

      base, ext = os.path.splitext(node.name)

      # Input format is XML
      if ext == '.xml' and not obj.env['XSLTPROC']:
                  raise Utils.WafError("Can not process %s: no xml processor detected." % node.name)
      if ext == '.xml' and obj.type == 'pdf':
            xslttask = obj.create_task('xslt')

            xslttask.inputs  = [node]
            xslttask.outputs = [node.change_ext('.fo')]
            if not obj.stylesheet:
                  raise Utils.WafError('No stylesheet specified for creating pdf.')

            xslttask.env['XSLT_SHEET'] = obj.stylesheet

            # now we also add the task that creates the pdf file
            foptask = obj.create_task('fop')
            foptask.inputs  = xslttask.outputs
            foptask.outputs = [node.change_ext('.pdf')]


      if ext == '.xml' and obj.type == 'html':
            xslttask = obj.create_task('xslt')

            xslttask.inputs  = [node]
            xslttask.outputs = [node.change_ext('.html')]
            if not obj.stylesheet:
                  raise Utils.WafError('No stylesheet specified for creating html.')
            xslttask.env['XSLT_SHEET'] = obj.stylesheet

      # Input format is docbook.
      if ext == '.sgml' or ext == '.docbook':
            if not obj.env["DB2%s" % string.upper(obj.type) ]:
                  raise Utils.WafError("Can not process %s: no suitable docbook processor detected." %  node.name )
      if ext == '.sgml' or ext == '.docbook':

            xslttask = obj.create_task('db2')

            xslttask.inputs  = [node]
            xslttask.outputs = [node.change_ext('.' + obj.type)]
            xslttask.env = xslttask.env.copy()
            xslttask.env['DBCOMPILER'] = xslttask.env["DB2%s" % string.upper(obj.type)]

      if ext == '.xml':
            if obj.type == 'txt' or obj.type == 'ps':
                  raise Utils.WafError("docbook: while processing '%s':\n"
                        'txt and ps output are currently not supported when input format is XML.' % node.name )

# docbook objects
class docbook_taskgen(TaskGen.task_gen):
      def __init__(self, *k, **kw):
            TaskGen.task_gen.__init__(self, *k, **kw)
            self.stylesheet = None

            self.ext = ['html', 'pdf', 'txt', 'ps']

      def apply(self):

            # for each source argument, create a task
            lst = self.source.split()
            for filename in lst:
                  node = self.path.find_resource(filename)
                  if not node:
                        raise Utils.WafError("source not found: "+filename+" in "+str(self.path))

                  # create a task to process the source file.
                  docb_file(self, node)

      def install(self):
            if not (Options.commands['install'] or Options.commands['uninstall']):

            current = Build.bld.path
            lst = []
            docpath = os.path.join('share', Utils.g_module.APPNAME, 'doc')

            # Install all generated docs
            for task in self.m_tasks:
                  base, ext = os.path.splitext(task.outputs[0].name)
                  if ext[1:] not in self.ext:
                  self.install_results('PREFIX', docpath, task )

Task.simple_task_type('fop', '${FOP} ${SRC[0].bldpath(env)} ${SRC[0].bldpath(env)[:-3]}.pdf')
cls = Task.simple_task_type('db2', "${DBCOMPILER} ${SRC[0].bld_dir(env)} ${SRC[0].bldpath(env)}")
cls.scan = xmlscan
cls = Task.task_type_from_func('xslt', vars=xslt_vardeps, func=xslt_build, color='BLUE')
cls.scan = xmlscan

## Detect the installed programs: fop, xsltproc, xalan, docbook2xyz
# Favour xsltproc over xalan.
def detect(conf):
      # Detect programs for converting xml -> html/pdf
      fop = conf.find_program('fop', var='FOP')
      if fop:
            conf.env['FOP'] = fop
      xsltproc = conf.find_program('xsltproc', var='XSLTPROC')
      if xsltproc:
            conf.env['XSLTPROC_ST'] = '%(XSLTPROC)s --xinclude %(STYLESHEET)s %(SRC)s > %(TGT)s'
            conf.env['XSLTPROC'] = xsltproc

      xalan = conf.find_program('xalan', var='XALAN')
      if not xsltproc and xalan:
            conf.env['XSLTPROC_ST'] = '%(XSLTPROC)s -xsl %(STYLESHEET)s -in %(SRC)s -out %(TGT)s'
            conf.env['XSLTPROC'] = xalan

      saxon = conf.find_program('saxon', var='SAXON')
      if not xsltproc and not xalan:
            conf.env['XSLTPROC_ST'] = '%(XSLTPROC)s %(SRC)s %(STYLESHEET)s > %(target)s'
            conf.env['XSLTPROC'] = saxon

      # OpenJade conversion tools for converting sgml -> xyz
      jw = conf.find_program('jw', var='JW')
      if jw:
            conf.env['DB2HTML'] = "jw -u -f docbook -b html -o"
            conf.env['DB2PDF']  = "jw -f docbook -b pdf -o"
            conf.env['DB2PS']   = "jw -f docbook -b ps -o"
            conf.env['DB2TXT']  = "jw -f docbook -b txt -o"

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