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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2008 (ita)

"as and gas"

import os, sys
import Task
from TaskGen import extension, taskgen, after, before

EXT_ASM = ['.s', '.S', '.asm', '.ASM', '.spp', '.SPP']

as_str = '${AS} ${ASFLAGS} ${_ASINCFLAGS} ${SRC} -o ${TGT}'
Task.simple_task_type('asm', as_str, 'PINK', ext_out='.o', shell=False)

def asm_hook(self, node):
      # create the compilation task: cpp or cc
      try: obj_ext = self.obj_ext
      except AttributeError: obj_ext = '_%d.o' % self.idx

      task = self.create_task('asm', node, node.change_ext(obj_ext))

def asm_incflags(self):
      if self.env['ASINCFLAGS']: self.env['_ASINCFLAGS'] = self.env['ASINCFLAGS']
      if 'cxx' in self.features: self.env['_ASINCFLAGS'] = self.env['_CXXINCFLAGS']
      else: self.env['_ASINCFLAGS'] = self.env['_CCINCFLAGS']

def detect(conf):
      conf.find_program(['gas', 'as'], var='AS')
      if not conf.env.AS: conf.env.AS = conf.env.CC

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