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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2006 (ita)

"intltool support"

import os, re
import Configure, TaskGen, Task, Utils, Runner, Options, Build, config_c
from TaskGen import feature, before, taskgen
from Logs import error


bld.new_task_gen(features='intltool_in', source='a.po b.po', podir='po', cache='.intlcache', flags='')

00020 class intltool_in_taskgen(TaskGen.task_gen):
      def __init__(self, *k, **kw):
            TaskGen.task_gen.__init__(self, *k, **kw)

def iapply_intltool_in_f(self):
      try: self.meths.remove('apply_core')
      except ValueError: pass

      for i in self.to_list(self.source):
            node = self.path.find_resource(i)

            podir = getattr(self, 'podir', 'po')
            podirnode = self.path.find_dir(podir)
            if not podirnode:
                  error("could not find the podir %r" % podir)

            cache = getattr(self, 'intlcache', '.intlcache')
            self.env['INTLCACHE'] = os.path.join(self.path.bldpath(self.env), podir, cache)
            self.env['INTLPODIR'] = podirnode.srcpath(self.env)
            self.env['INTLFLAGS'] = getattr(self, 'flags', ['-q', '-u', '-c'])

            task = self.create_task('intltool', node, node.change_ext(''))
            task.install_path = self.install_path

00048 class intltool_po_taskgen(TaskGen.task_gen):
      def __init__(self, *k, **kw):
            TaskGen.task_gen.__init__(self, *k, **kw)

def apply_intltool_po(self):
      try: self.meths.remove('apply_core')
      except ValueError: pass

      self.default_install_path = '${LOCALEDIR}'
      appname = getattr(self, 'appname', 'set_your_app_name')
      podir = getattr(self, 'podir', '')

      def install_translation(task):
            out = task.outputs[0]
            filename = out.name
            (langname, ext) = os.path.splitext(filename)
            inst_file = langname + os.sep + 'LC_MESSAGES' + os.sep + appname + '.mo'
            self.bld.install_as(os.path.join(self.install_path, inst_file), out, self.env, self.chmod)

      linguas = self.path.find_resource(os.path.join(podir, 'LINGUAS'))
      if linguas:
            # scan LINGUAS file for locales to process
            file = open(linguas.abspath())
            langs = []
            for line in file.readlines():
                  # ignore lines containing comments
                  if not line.startswith('#'):
                        langs += line.split()
            re_linguas = re.compile('[-a-zA-Z_@.]+')
            for lang in langs:
                  # Make sure that we only process lines which contain locales
                  if re_linguas.match(lang):
                        node = self.path.find_resource(os.path.join(podir, re_linguas.match(lang).group() + '.po'))
                        task = self.create_task('po')
                        if self.bld.is_install: task.install = install_translation
            Utils.pprint('RED', "Error no LINGUAS file found in po directory")

Task.simple_task_type('po', '${POCOM} -o ${TGT} ${SRC}', color='BLUE', shell=False)
      color='BLUE', after="cc_link cxx_link", shell=False)

def detect(conf):
      pocom = conf.find_program('msgfmt')
      if not pocom:
            # if msgfmt should not be mandatory, catch the thrown exception in your wscript
            conf.fatal('The program msgfmt (gettext) is mandatory!')
      conf.env['POCOM'] = pocom

      # NOTE: it is possible to set INTLTOOL in the environment, but it must not have spaces in it

      intltool = conf.find_program('intltool-merge', var='INTLTOOL')
      if not intltool:
            # if intltool-merge should not be mandatory, catch the thrown exception in your wscript
            if Options.platform == 'win32':
                  perl = conf.find_program('perl', var='PERL')
                  if not perl:
                        conf.fatal('The program perl (required by intltool) could not be found')

                  intltooldir = Configure.find_file('intltool-merge', os.environ['PATH'].split(os.pathsep))
                  if not intltooldir:
                        conf.fatal('The program intltool-merge (intltool, gettext-devel) is mandatory!')

                  conf.env['INTLTOOL'] = Utils.to_list(conf.env['PERL']) + [intltooldir + os.sep + 'intltool-merge']
                  conf.check_message('intltool', '', True, ' '.join(conf.env['INTLTOOL']))
                  conf.fatal('The program intltool-merge (intltool, gettext-devel) is mandatory!')

      def getstr(varname):
            return getattr(Options.options, varname, '')

      prefix  = conf.env['PREFIX']
      datadir = getstr('datadir')
      if not datadir: datadir = os.path.join(prefix,'share')

      conf.define('LOCALEDIR', os.path.join(datadir, 'locale'))
      conf.define('DATADIR', datadir)

      if conf.env['CC'] or conf.env['CXX']:
            # Define to 1 if <locale.h> is present

def set_options(opt):
      opt.add_option('--want-rpath', type='int', default=1, dest='want_rpath', help='set rpath to 1 or 0 [Default 1]')
      opt.add_option('--datadir', type='string', default='', dest='datadir', help='read-only application data')

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