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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Brant Young, 2007

"This hook is called when the class cpp/cc task generator encounters a '.rc' file: X{.rc -> [.res|.rc.o]}"

import os, sys, re
import TaskGen, Task
from Utils import quote_whitespace
from TaskGen import extension

EXT_WINRC = ['.rc']


def rc_file(self, node):
      obj_ext = '.rc.o'
      if self.env['WINRC_TGT_F'] == '/fo': obj_ext = '.res'

      rctask = self.create_task('winrc', node, node.change_ext(obj_ext))

# create our action, for use with rc file
Task.simple_task_type('winrc', winrc_str, color='BLUE', before='cc cxx', shell=False)

def detect(conf):
      v = conf.env

      winrc = v['WINRC']
      v['WINRC_TGT_F'] = '-o'
      v['WINRC_SRC_F'] = '-i'
      # find rc.exe
      if not winrc:
            if v['CC_NAME'] in ['gcc', 'cc', 'g++', 'c++']:
                  winrc = conf.find_program('windres', var='WINRC', path_list = v['PATH'])
            elif v['CC_NAME'] == 'msvc':
                  winrc = conf.find_program('RC', var='WINRC', path_list = v['PATH'])
                  v['WINRC_TGT_F'] = '/fo'
                  v['WINRC_SRC_F'] = ''
      if not winrc:
            conf.fatal('winrc was not found!')

      v['WINRCFLAGS'] = ''

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